Modi: A Role Model for Youth


The ‘can-do’ spirit among the youth of India is her endearing strength. It is India’s young who have changed the world’s perspective on India from being a den of darkness to a lighthouse of hope. The youth with their immense potential, ideas, talent and skills have found a collective vision to build a New India, as propounded by PM Modi.

Since the time, Narendra Modi rose in the public domain he has become one of the most influential leaders of our times. The qualities that he brought to his governance are reflective of the aspirations of the youth. In PM Modi, they have found a leader who is a hardworker, visionary, risk taker, communicative and team player.

The Hardworking PM

The fact that the prime minister works for more than 16 hours a day at a stretch and takes no holidays does not surprise the youth. Many of the young entrepreneurs, scientists, farmers, educationists, artists, and so on who pursue their work with passion, have known to be equally dedicated to their work. The hardworking lot appreciates this quality of PM Modi.

Sharp Delivery, Fine Execution

The manner in which PM Modi lays down his vision and then executes it a missionary zeal has brought professionalism and accountability to governance. During his Independence Day speech at the Red Fort, he expressed his wish to provide bank accounts for the poor.  It was followed by more than 33 crore accounts being opened under Jan Dhan Yojana. He announced separate toilets for girl student in every school. Within a year all the government schools were equipped with toilets for girls. He promised electrification of more than 18,000 villages within 1000 days. The target was met 12 days prior to the deadline. PM Modi has shown that promises can be kept if the intent is clear, objective is well defined and people’s participation is part of the implementation process.  This is the approach with which the young India operates. Hence, they find the Modi government to be efficient, effective and potent.

PM’s Commitment to Values

Another trademark of PM Modi is his adherence to the values of honesty, integrity, nationalism and reverence for the person at the last mile. The fact that the corrupt now fear the law of the land and the honest walk with their head held high is the consequence of the blemish free governance the prime minister has ensured.

The culture of ‘red-tape’ has been replaced with the culture of ‘red-carpet’ for the poor, underprivileged, and the meritorious. It has provided a huge boost to the youngsters who are brimming with ideas and are seeking institutional push to get a kickstart.

A Risk-taker

As an outsider in the power circles, PM Modi is not entrenched or dependent on the systems that hinder nation’s progress or interests. His appetite for risk is huge which is a trait youth of India appreciates. PM Modi’s decisive fight against corruption by announcing demonetization or his complete trust in the Indian armed forces to conduct surgical strike and air strikes to answer terrorists in their own language have shown people that PM Modi is not afraid to shake up the status quo, even if it goes against the long-held ways of doing things or may seem against electoral logic.  

The Master of Communication

PM Modi’s fiver year tenure has completely transformed the way government of the day reaches out to the people and vice versa. Using social media platforms, radio, video conferencing and MyGov has taken the government to the people. The success of Narendra Modi government’s communication model could be assessed through its efficient feedback mechanism, enhanced accessibility and ability to break the coterie to draw people in a participatory model of governance. The technological push in line with latest digital innovations has, to a large extent, been able to create information symmetry between the government and citizens. The youth find the new-age communication more engaging and convenient. This has also ensured greater participation of the people in the democratic process.

A Team Player

PM Modi is an out and out team player. For him, each of the citizen is an equal participant in nation’s progress. His ‘Jan Bhagidari’ model, that could be witnessed in the success of ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan’, is reflective of that very sentiment. He puts his vision in front of the people and encourages them to make it their own. Every government department, every private or public organization and every citizen feels part of the bigger cause.

All these traits that PM Narendra Modi has brought to the highest office has been instrumental in forging a deep connection with the youngsters. They feel enthused and motivated to serve the nation. There is confidence among them that their actions have the power to make a difference. No wonder that every call to action, from cleanliness to Digital India, made by PM Narendra Modi, on various platforms, have been welcomed and implemented by the young with an infectious zeal.

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