Somu Veerraju Heart Beat of BJP AP karyakartas

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Somu Veerraju was blessed to Sri Surya Rao and Smt Gangamma in 15/10/1957 who belongs to Rajhamundry. His childhood grew up in the east costal region of Andhra Pradesh which is known as rice bowl of India. His schooling and Intermediate were perused in his hometown. Later on he moved into Bhimavaram for higher studies.

Idiosyncratically he is always inclined on social life which made him in taking steps towards RSS and ABVP which are Non-profit Organizations. RSS which produced Dynamic and scintillating leaders to India. He is a product of RSS which is known for his Country devotion.  We knew the results of products from RSS and their contribution to India. He leaps for the welfare of people and their development which changed his direction to enter BJP. He is honoured with YUVA MORCHA CITY SECRETARY as his first stint. With successful accomplishment in understanding the reality of party dynamics and Karyakarthas struggle, later on he was honoured with EG Dist General Secretary in 1980 for his selfless service to the party. For his each effort, BJP honoured him with different finest positions which are listed beneath the page.

He also served as BJYM State Wing President and again re-elected for the same position for his efforts and dedication for the party and people. He is one of the ideal person who devoted his life to one party and been responsible for all the achievements. I his 39 years of political career he so many headwinds and downfalls but he stayed untouched of these. He is again gearing his feet towards BJP Flgaship in Andhra in bringing its glory back. Let’s put our hands down in welcoming this dynamic leader in wishing him all the success.

BJP DIST SECRETARY                                           : 1982-1984

BJP DIST GENERAL SECRETARY                   : 1987

BJYM STATE SECRETARY                                   : 1990

BJYM STATE WING PRESIDENT                    : 1993


BJP STATE GENERAL SECRETARY               : 2003

BJP STATE VICE PRESIDENT                           : 2004-2005

BJP STATE GENERAL SECRETARY               : Up to 2013




ELECTED AS MLC FOR AP                                   : 2015

Somu Veerraju ji is a natural choice for BJP AP president Post. His dynamic leadership, dedication and loyalty to the party made higher authority in choosing him. He is a type of leader who can engage root level karyakartas. He is charismatic among karyakatas because of his loyalty to party, despite BJP is in Power or not. Committed to selfless service of party’s growth. While all other leaders mum to take on TDP for Hijacking BJP central schemes despite TDP alliance with BJP.  Whereas, TDP is known for taking the credit of all success projects and accusing BJP for their failures. This was continuing from Decades.

As per the ground reality people are happy with Modi ji rule, but they want BJP to promote leader and face of BJP AP. People are vexed with caste based politics of regional parties. There is a huge political vacuum in AP, People are looking for alternate to these existing parties. Ahead the BJP AP president announcement karyakartas are enthusiastic to see Somu Veerraju ji as a New President. Karyakartas saying BJP’ians should get at least self-respect in state by promoting BJP good work to nation and state. Which is not happening under current regime. Lets work and support to Somu ji in bringing the past glory of BJP AP.

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